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Alarm System


Intruder Alarm System:
Whether you need external detection, building security, or to safeguard key internal areas we have the answers you need. Our experience has shown that security systems must be individually designed and professionally installed. Burglar alarms have become standard equipment in stores and other businesses, and they're becoming increasingly common in private homes as well.
















New and improved Burglar Alarm System for Business & Home Security.


Intelligent Wireless GSM Alarm Systems
Intelligent Burglar Alarm Systems
CCTV & Telephone Alarm Systems



Your premises will be watched over 24 hours for 365

Instant deterrent to potential threats
Standby batteries for power failure
Sound alarm and notice Call or SMS in case of


International Standards:
ISO9001 and E-mark certificate
Europe safety CE certified
Europe wireless R&TTE certified
Germany safety TUV certified

A quality range of products and services you can rely on !




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