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:: Cabinets & Racks

When you asked our engineers to design cabinets with all the features peoples want and need at the cost of ordinary cabinets, they exceeded every expectations.

ADI supply a range of standard and bespoke sized data cabinets and server racks, which offer versatility, security and robust construction at a highly competitive price.

On the outside these cabinets have have a sleek, aggressive look. Vents on the top, front and on the rear door improve appearance and airflow. Inside they house the best of what other cabinets offer - not as costly options but as built-in features.

Each cabinets have removable front, rear and side doors, movable front and rear rails adjust to 19", 23" or 24" rack mounting. All cabinets include a movable power strip, which can be mounted any of the four corners.

Our range includes:


ADI continue to develop and enhance a wide range of enclosure solutions to satisfy a broad mix of requirements, both simple and complex !




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