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Your IT Infrastructure and data network is the backbone of your business and can be critical to its success or failure. Creating and managing an effective network, with the ever-growing demands that are placed on it, can be challenging.

From Cat5e to Cat6 and beyond, we have the engineers and the skills to install or upgrade your network. We are skilled in the design, installation and support of IT Infrastructures.

Knowledge brings competitive advantage. Our Technical staff will advise on the total communications needs of your organization. We look further than the immediate requirement to ensure that the infrastructures you implement now will support the applications you want tomorrow.

From conception to installation we're with you all the way. We can assess your infrastructure and provide the right products and installation services to maximize the performance of your network and ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

The cable infrastructure in your office or building is a critical component of your entire network. Proper planning, design, installation, and maintenance of this infrastructure can have a positive impact on your company’s day-to-day operations and can contribute to its success.

Whether you’re building a new location or want to upgrade your existing infrastructure, ADI Network Services is the only provider you need for your cabling projects.

As a full-service provider, our start-to-finish approach includes the following:

   1. Consultation
   2. Site Survey
   3. Design/Engineering
   4. Materials Supply
   5. Installation
   6. Certification
   7. Maintenance

All your sites will receive high-quality design, consistent workmanship, and proven equipment.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive solutions for all infrastructure types—CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, 10G, fiber optic, and wireless networks

  • Outside plant capabilities for buried and aerial cable networks and video systems, including placing poles and erecting transmitters and receivers

  • Worry-free, multisite project management across the country

  • Cable system management, thorough documentation, and computer-aided design

  • Exclusive on-line reports on projects

A Structured cabling solution will include:

  • Project management - we'll do the planning for you and ensure the implementation runs smoothly.

  • High performance systems solution will allow your network to operate at its full potential, with increased resilience and throughput.

  • Responsive sales support - you'll have a point of contact, always on hand to help you, before and after your solution is installed.

Structured Cabling is manufactured and installed to strict international performance standards, Your assurance that an investment in Structured Cabling today is one that will last well into the future.


ADI can offer maintenance contracts on all existing cabling systems large or small.


An annual performance audit on your network showing attenuation changes and connection performance may well assist in the smooth running of your network.



























































































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