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The number of people browsing this information super highway daily exceeds 98 million and the number is growing further at much faster speed. It has, therefore become a very powerful tool for any organization for projecting its image within the country and abroad. Almost every forward-looking organization likes to have its Website on the WWW as its presence is considered much more reliable, esteemed and public friendly.

You have great information, but itís useless if you canít get it to the people who need it. Wherever they areÖ.. Immediately.



  • Global presence around the clock for your valuable customers

  • Online information of your products/services

  • Adopt this new technology to expand business

  • Want to receive online orders, suggestions, comments, queries etc.


When you choose ADI as your companyís solution provider we let you make the spectacular choices that works best for you and your business. Our main aim is to solve real world business problems faced by government and private organizations.


*  Web Designing & Development

*  E-Commerce Solutions / Online Payments

*  Database Driven Web Applications

*  Online University & Examination System

*  Portal Sites

*  Shopping Cart Systems

*  On-Line Surveys / Polling

*  Web based Catalog

*  Yellow Pages

*  Flash enabled websites

*  Web Maintenance



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