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:: Why Choose ADI 


Our objective approach, countrywide working  capabilities, years of experience, and unmatched expertise make ADI your single source for all your data, power and digital security needs.

  • Complete end-to-end solutions

  • Competitive pricing and exceptional quality standard

  • Other Solution providers say that they back-up their solution with technical support we start with it

  • Available to you before, during and after your solution

  • Each client and each engagement is given individual attention, including multiple options for structuring the business relationship to support a flexible, long-term partnership.

  • Objective advice based on your goals, current and future needs, platform/manufacturer requirements, and budget

  • Guidance to help you understand how a solution will affect your business and your bottom line

  • A portfolio that leverages technologies from a diverse group of partners so that we can implement the right solutions for your unique organization and help you get the most out of your technology investments

  • Comprehensive solutions including design, installation, and maintenance capabilities
    More than 15 years of experience

  • Clients of every size, in every major industry




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